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The Origin of Snowboarding

In a small village way up in the mountains of north eastern Turkey we found probably the oldest snowboarder who is still alive. That man, his name was Selim, is 70 years old and he snowboards since 1946. And he learned it from his father and it goes back to more than 200 years!! He showed me how they ride on these boards and it is just like snowboarding. We talked a bit, had a cup of tea together and smiled.

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Jeremy Jones (he was also on this trip) and me were just blown away by the fact that there were people here on this planet a long time ago who did the very same thing as we are doing now.

We are still in Turkey at the moment. It is snowing outside and we are chilling at the helibase in Ayder. Looks like tomorrow is going to be the big day :) 

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I will post more about our amazing trip in a couple of days. See you soon!

The Origin of Snowboarding
Jeremy Jones, Selim and me
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