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Here is an update of photographs from my travels in the past two years. 

In the course of working on publishing my first (and most likely my last) book I was going through all my photos again and again. These are some of the shots which will be printed in the book. Soon, it looks like the content for it is finally coming together. I just have to work over the stories and texts once more (probably my 26th time :) and by the end of the next month the whole thing should be in print.  

Matterhorn, Switzerland

Two years ago, after snowboarding for a couple of days in Saas Fee, my friend and former teammate Much and I spent a spectacular night in front of the Matterhorn by this lake. We witnessed probably hundreds of shooting stars before we fell asleep. I woke up at 2.00 am to take a photograph with the first light of the rising moon. (second photo) 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/Cervin neu Kopie.jpg

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/Matterhorn moonlight neu Kopie.jpg
"the star underneath the mountains"

Patagonia, Argentina

Classic backpacking trip to one of the most beautiful places on earth. The majority of the photos from there I have already posted earlier. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC1336 Kopie.jpg

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC1677 Kopie.jpg

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC1632 Kopie.jpg
Perito Moreno glacier and Cerro Torre, Argentina


East Greenland

The weather looks pretty calm in this scene, still. An hour after I took this photo the icy and strong piteraq wind was blowing 
with 150 km/h over Tinitiqilaaq, a very small hunting village, where we found shelter.

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC0788 Kopie.jpg


Lofoten Islands, Norway

Just above the village Reine is this great lookout point. The hike up there is steeper than the ones I have ever done in the Alps. Luckily not very long. I suppose I would not start hiking earlier than 2 o'clock in the morning just to shoot a sunrise photo. When taking the photo below my tripod was 5 cm of the edge from a couple of hundred meter straight down cliff-wall. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC9913 pan Kopie.jpg

tl_files/Newsbilder/2011 News/Travelling/_DSC9974 600 Kopie.jpg


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