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Roadgap on the Grossglockner

Roadgap on the Grossglockner

Just after I got home from Greenland Red Bull asked me to jump over the road on the famous Grossglockner pass. They told me that the distance to clear would only be around 27 meters but when we got up there we realized that there was also a vertical drop form the take off to the first possible landing point from 12 meters. 

Unfortunately the weather was constantly changing and didn't help us. 
Anid Goldberger, a world famous ski-long-jumper, jumped over the road first with his ski jumping skis, a little altered take off and no track in the in-run!! It must have been world premier for jumping a road gap on those skis. He jumped about 60 meters!!

Romain Grojean, a freeskier from France, and I hit a little poppier take off right next to the ski long jump. It threw us quite a bit higher in the air resulting that we already landed after 40 meters. But we must have reached the high jump mark. We still cleared the road easily. 

It was a mental challenge to jump over the road. Not very much margin for errors and the consequences would have been fatal. But an unforgettable day out there snowboarding for sure. 

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