Wednesday, 16 March 2011 by Stefan Gimpl (comments: 0)

New Website Online

4 years after my website went online for the first time I finally updated the whole site and design a complete new layout. RSS feeds are available now from my news entries which I will try to update more frequently.

Currently I am working on a book. That is my big project at the moment. The book is about snowboarding, traveling, photography and myself. I started working on it already a while ago. But I wasn't really sure about which direction I will take the book or which direction the book will take me. And I still don't know... 

But lately I started writing the first pieces of text and the whole thing is growing. Slowly but steadily. At least for now. 
Some of the trips and activities you find on my site will somehow also be an inspiration for my book. In the future my news entries will also give you a pretty good insight on the making of my book. Especially with the new photos which I will post you can follow this process quite closely. 

Later I will try to also post about other content such as the texts and stories. 

Thanks for visiting and have fun exploring the new site. steff

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