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My first 1080°

Rotterdam, Fis world cup Big Air 2007

Hi there, I just got back from Holland, Rotterdam. The first competition of this season kicked of in front of a big crowd, perfect location and underneath blue skies. 

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snowboarding in front of the Erasmus bridge in Rotterdam. Great event

My riding went really well. I felt so comfortable on the jump. Like I have been riding it the whole summer. Everything was working together perfectly. During the quarter and semi finals I did frontside 9s and cab 9s. I was actually surprised how easy they went and how much control I had. So I decided to give a frontside 1080 a try in the final.

Well, anyways I had to if I wanted to have a chance agains Peettu P. I landed the front ten on my last jump. I was so stoked. That still Mr. Piiroinen was not to beat didn't matter to me at all. He is a great snowboarder and deserved it.

It was so much fun to ride the finals! And I am happy that I could keep up with some of the tricks which were shown. I was 2nd in the end. 

Way cool competition. Snowboarding at its best! Excitement, pressure, skills, style and fun. 

My first 1080°
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