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Big Mountain Pro 2007

For the last 11 days we travelled with a bus through the Swiss and Italian Alps. I did a freeride competition with 7 other snowboarders and 8 skiers from all over the world. On the search for deep snow we rode one mountain in Courmayeur and 2 other peaks around Verbier. Helicopters flew us up the top and everybody chose his own line and way to ride down the mountain. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2008 News/bmp 08/BMP_27Feb_006.jpg

This was very new and exciting for me. Unfortunately the snow wasn't good. So the riding was quite difficult. But the trip was a hell lot of fun. Super cool people and for once I wasn't the oldest rider ;) 

I learned a lot about freeriding from the more experienced snowboarders and skiers. Some of their lines which they took coming down the mountain really impressed me. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2007 News/BMP_Day6_Courmayeur_06.jpg

Big Mountain Pro 2007
Mitch and me in front of our bus with our names on it
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