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9 Contests

In total I have done 9 contests since end of September until now. This is a lot for my standards, but it has been awesome. It was so much more fun to ride in the cities on the ramps than going to the icy glaciers. Every single kicker at the contests was really good and the landings were most of the time slushy and soft. 
Lately I have done a snowboard contest in Zurich, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Stockholm, Innsbruck and twice in Seoul. 

tl_files/Newsbilder/2009 News/9 contests/DSC_5359.jpgin this photo: korean spectators, me, ero ettala, jaako ruha and markku koski. 

I liked the kickers in London and Seoul best. Stockholm was a difficult transition but great airtime. The jump in Innsbruck had the longest airtime but for my taste the take off was too steep. Whereas I like poppy take offs but there it was just a little bit too much. But it was great to be back at the air and style after a couple of years and participate in the event.

tl_files/Newsbilder/2009 News/9 contests/berlin.jpg



I almost forgot Barcelona was a good jump as well and an amazing atmosphere. Almost like in soccer stadium. 

I am also quite happy with my riding. I definitely had some jumps that were spot on and I am super stoked about, and then also these “under pressure – bailing forbidden – fast transition” jumps. 


Results have been great. I won 3 times at the world cup and got second twice in Soul. Once at the Hyundai-card invitational and also at the world cup the day after. After hiking the ramp more than 30 times I was happy when I had done the last jump on Sunday. The whole week in Soul was great. Good crew to hang out with, nice people from the event and the best thing was the crowd. 65000 on Saturday evening! 

This was a little update on my recent contests. It has been great for me. I am so happy to be able to ride on a high level for such a long time. Health is so important. 

Having said this I wish you all the best and health for 2010 and a merry Christmas. 

Now I have to go and pick up my new BMW. Well it is not mine, but BMW lets me drive it for free… stoked. I get the car today… not a bad X-mas present ☺

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tl_files/Newsbilder/2009 News/9 contests/DSC03994.jpg

Snowboarding in Seoul !! 

9 Contests
the inrun at the contest in Seoul, Korea
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